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Barnsbury Therapy Rooms

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Why counselling?

You may feel as though you are stuck in patterns that keep repeating but you can’t work out how to get out of them, or that your relationships, work or creative life are unsatisfying. It may be that you have experienced a traumatic event that you are struggling with the effects of, or perhaps childhood experiences or past relationships are causing you problems today. In counselling, we will create a safe place to explore your experiences and your feelings about them in order to increase your awareness about the choices available to you today.

About me

I began to train as a counsellor after five years working in gender-based violence support services, and I bring this specialist insight into my counselling practice. Having volunteered as a counsellor at the LGBTQIA charity MindOut for over two years, I also have extensive experience working with gender, sexual, and relationship diversity. I have worked with clients experiencing a range of issues including chronic anxiety, loneliness, problems in relationships, persistent low mood, gender identity issues, eating disorders, religious trauma, isolation, racial trauma, and others.

My approach

Usually people come to counselling in distress, with a dilemma or feeling stuck. I believe that how we relate to one another in therapy can be a way into understanding the issues you are facing in the world outside. In the sessions, we will build a relationship together which focuses on the issues you are bringing in order to clarify how you see and experience the world and what meaning you make of it. In turn, new and different ways through some of the issues you are experiencing might emerge.

I have a certificate in humanistic counselling and psychotherapy from The Metanoia Institute and a diploma with distinction in Humanistic Counselling and Psychotherapy from The University of Brighton. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).